Master Classes with the Marimba and Percussion Artist Ziv Eitan

Master Classes with the Marimba and Percussion

Artist Ziv Eitan
A fascinating encounter with a percussionist who devotes his entire being to Israeli composition. Novel music, a combination of different styles, collaboration with musicians and composers, use of innovative techniques for producing tones as well as the electronic medium – all these characterize Ziv Eitan's unique musical journey. The session will include selections from his original performances as well as works that were written by Israeli composers – in addition to a lively dialog with the audience concerning his artistic approach.

Ziv Eitan is a multifaceted artist whose work is considered groundbreaking. The combination of boundless talent and innovativeness has rendered him a unique musician. Eitan is a virtuoso percussion soloist, who has a phenomenal command of the marimba and percussion instruments. His captivating charisma on stage stems from exceptional and mesmerizing playing skill coupled with a superb technical ability to perform any style of music. Eitan has mastered more than 50 different kinds of percussion instruments. He is regarded as the ultimate percussionist among classical composers thanks to his unique performance capacities. The singular musical language that he has developed blends a number of musical styles: classical, world music and electronic music.

The master class with Ziv Eitan, is for instrumentalists, musicians and students.

It entails explanations and playing instruments, exposure to Ziv Eitan's unique global concept (a blending of musical worlds, questions and answers, and the possibility of performing together with local musicians. In addition to his performances in the framework of Israel Culture Month that was held in India.)

Ziv Eitan conducted master classes there for students and the public at large).
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