Ziv Eitan Marimba & Multi-Percussion Soloist

The internationally renowned marimba & percussion soloist Ziv Eitan performs original concertos for marimba, percussion and orchestra, composed by Zach Drory & Ronen Shapira

Written especially for Ziv Eitan, Drory and Shapira's marimba and percussion concertos offer unique and original works that combine western–classical European styles with Middle Eastern–ethnic–Arab motifs, using eastern and western percussion instruments: marimba, vibraphone, darbuka, frame drum, snare, bass and tom drums, gongs, cymbals, and special percussion effects, and symphony orchestra. Ziv Eitan and Orchestra

The works are perfectly tailored to Ziv Eitan's colorful musical personality: a true virtuoso with a high speed technique who communicates singular and intense power, passion, energy, and dynamism, while at the same time displaying depth, sensitivity, calm and gentleness.

Through his music, Ziv Eitan offers audiences a deep emotional experience, appealing to both young and older listeners worldwide. The international premiere of the proposed concertos was performed with the New Brandenburg Orchestra in 2009, whose great success generated interest and additional collaborations with orchestras from Europe, Asia and the U.S. Ziv Eitan and Orchestra

Ziv Eitan, the international percussion artist, can play nearly everything – whether Baroque music, the great classical works or Japanese percussion music. His fields of expertise also include electronic music, free-style improvisation, world music with an Arab ethnic accent, Latin music, jazz and more.

He appears on major music stages worldwide– from leading concert halls, like the Treptow Arena in Berlin, to football stadiums in the U.S. - and performs at leading international festivals. His performances have integrated modern dance groups, theater actors, diverse musicians from around the world, video artists, DJs, et al. Ziv Eitan has also received the recommendation of the Foreign Ministry to represent Israeli culture around the world. Ziv Eitan and Orchestra

Ziv Eitan has performed his main show, called "Journey into Rhythm", on numerous occasions in many countries. He also holds master classes for university students and musicians, special concerts for children and teenagers, performances for corporate and global enterprises, TV and radio shows, in addition to appearing as a soloist with symphony orchestras.

His personal resume and the extraordinary course his professional life has taken have shaped Ziv Eitan's multifaceted musical personality and created a musical style unique only to him. His captivating style is expressed in every moment of his performances, which are considered to be breathtaking.

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Fantasy for Marimba and Orchestra
by Zach Drory

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