"It was a highlight that can't be beaten" A highlight filled with energy" ( 18.5.2006 "DasCorps" by Uta Henrich, Germany)
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"Ziv Eitan: percussion at it's best" ( 18.5.2006 "DasCorps" by Uta Henrich, Germany)
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"Musician breaks down barriers" ( 12.08.05, 20:06 YNet/ Israel Culture - Erez Erlichman)
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"The percussionist Ziv Eitan and his ensemble, enchanted the 2000 guests, who were invited by the Israeli Embassy to the festivities of the 58th anniversary of the State of Israel at the Treptow Arena in Berlin ZEITGESCHEHEN 18.5.06
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"In honor of the 58th Independence Day of the State of Israel, a breathtaking concert took place at the Berlin Treptow Arena by the Israeli music star Ziv Eitan (Die Woche in Berlin Martins S. Lambeck 21.5. 06)
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(6.3.2005 "city lights" - INDIA "Make music, break barriers" Subhro Saha).
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"The Hindu" INDIA 6.3.2005 )"Communicating through music" By Anjali Dhal Somanta).
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Press Reviews 1

"A breathtaking concert took place at the Berlin Treptow Arena by the Israeli music star Ziv Eitan" (Die Woche in Berlin - S. Lambeck 21.5. 06)

It was a highlight that can't be beaten"

"A highlight filled with energy" (18.5.2006 "DasCorps" by Uta Henrich, Germany

by Subhro Saha). (6.3.2005 "city lights" - INDIA "Make music, break barriers"

"Ziv Eitan is a master of innovation ..." (2.7.2003 "Jerusalem Post" by Shira Shenberg)

"Ziv Eitan is a virtuoso, a rhythm-genius" (5.8.2004 -"Maariv", the second largest newspaper in Israel) by Yossi Charsonsky

"The Hindu" INDIA by Anjali Dhal Somanta). 6.3.2005 )"Communicating through music"

"You have to see this amazing show, to believe it is true" (3.7.2003 - The City Mouse by: Oz Koren).

"In honor of the 58th Independence Day of the State of Israel, a breathtaking concert took place at the Berlin Treptow Arena by the Israeli music star Ziv Eitan (Die Woche in Berlin -S. Lambeck 21.5. 06)

"Ziv Eitan, with virtuosity and enormous technical expertise, fascinated the audience during a solo on a variety of music instruments which lasted more than hour ..." (25.2.2002, "The Jerusalem Magazine" by Yoni Smash)

"No doubt, its is all about an original and versatile artist, but first of all .....what a way of playing!!!" (1.1.2005 CLASSIC by Tamar Mor).

"Ziv Eitan is a master of innovation ..." (2.7.2003 "Jerusalem Post" by Shira Shenberg)

"He is bursting with endless energy and is uncompromisingly dedicated to the composers who are writing for him. A virtuoso with no boundaries...

(5.8.2005 "Ha'aretz" by Noam Ben-Zeev).

"From the moment the percussionist Ziv Eitan did enter the stage, he started a performance which will be remembered in the history of the Israel Festival as a festival in itself " (25.5.2002 "The Jerusalem Magazine by: Yoni Smash)

"... The new elites - versus the trend of those who are mourning the death of the "classical" music there are new, young artists who have found new ways to revive it.. (Ha'arez" Oranit Blank)

Press Reviews 2

25.5.2002 - "The Jerusalem Magazine" by Yoni Smash

With a big boom Ziv Eitan opened the 2002 Israel Festival

They say: "Don't look at the vessel, but at what it contains". However, it becomes difficult to hold on to this cliche if both the vessel and the contents go hand in hand, as was the case with the presentation and the contents of the opening concert of the Israel Festival last Thursday".

"The moment the percussionist Ziv Eitan came on stage, he gave a performance, which shall be remembered in the history of the Israel Festival as a festival in itself"

"Eitan, dressed in black, with his waving blond mane, plunged on the marimba moving with his virtuoso hands, back and forth on the wooden keys, creating magical, delicate sounds. In the next composition he juggled between rows of oriental gongs, deep-sounding drums and woodblocks, those wooden blocks with their sharp sounds.

Eitan was accompanied by the Ensemble of the 21st Century, a violin trio and a fascinating cellist, which enhanced in harmony the ecstatic beat of the blond devil".

"At the end of the next session accompanied by string instruments and drum beats a DJ came on stage. Together with Eitan, (who now was confined in a labyrinth of deadly weapons: timpani, darbouka, bongo, cow bells, two sneier drums, a China boy cymbals etc.) he carried the beat to more contemporary spheres.

From this point on the audience was divided into two: those who just stood there astonished and those who got up and danced. Eitan with his virtuosity and enormous technical expertise fascinated the audience during a solo on all his instruments, which lasted more than one hour, with the bass sound of the House, Techno and music in the background. Soon enough a dancing area at the side of the stage was set up, where wild tribal dances were carried out by the audience, while the great conductor kept beating on the cymbals with the same enormous energy as if he just had started the concert a few minutes ago. Every time he stopped to rest, the audience cheered and demanded more. At the end of the concert, with a sealed expression on his face from which sweat drops were dripping, Eitan left the stage. The cheers of the crowd even woke up people far away."

25.5.2002 Y-net by Meirav Yudilovitz

The Israel Festival started off last night with something between a concert and a party./ it enhanced to dance.

"The 41st Israel Festival took off tonight with the performance "The Beginning of New Times" by the percussionist Ziv Eitan and the Ensemble of the 21st Century which certainly symbolized a completely different festival from the ones the audience was used to in previous years"

"The idea of opening the festival with a performance which was a mingling between a concert and a party, created an encounter between the mature and the young audiences, between the secular and the religious, between those who had spent time in India and the Yeshiva scholars. At the end of the evening all danced side by side and turned the event into something extraordinary".

"The performance which took place at the piazza of the Jerusalem Theatre, started with a classical tempo, combining electro-acoustic elements and turned at the end of the evening into a Trance party, which made wide-ranged audience skip and hop."

19.10.2002 Vesty" Magazine Column: "Non-Stop" by Pavel Yochbidiv

The 21st century of Ziv Eitan
"Ziv Eitan is a 30 years old Israeli musician, graduate of the

Royal Academy of Denmark and at the Manhattan School of Music in New York. He is a virtuoso on the marimba, which is a type of xylophone. In addition to his virtuoso playing of percussion instruments and his talent in creating arrangements, and combining his love for the creation of an artist and his many successes (Ziv has participated at many international festivals, television and radio programs, etc.) he is fascinated by the arrangement of sounds, the creation of tempo and the constructive and architectural solutions and the modern artistic creations. It seems, that his true interest in innovation has lead Ziv Eitan to set up the " Ensemble of the Year 2000."

"At the beginning of October the Ensemble introduced its first program. Not only the members of the Ensemble represent the new generation of musicians from the 21st century, also three of the four composers who Ziv had invited to create together with him compositions for the Ensemble, are not older than 30. Only the well-know and brilliant Georgian composer, Joseph Bardanashvilli, is over 50.

In "The Good People", the creation of Ronen Hofman and Ziv Eitan, the sound of the cello, which represents the individuality, tries to penetrate into the rhythm of life (percussion instruments, computer and light compositions).

While "Trains", composed by Daniel Alcheh and Ziv Eitan for a string quartet and percussion, starts with the beat of the maraca's ending in ecstasy. The composition of Zach Drori and Ziv Eitan, "On the Way to Mars", which was the finale of the evening, is well-structured, creative and surprising".

7.9.2000 "Ma'ariv" - by Yossi Bar-Haim

A concert with a contemporary outlook -sympathy in Tel Aviv.

"Eitan, a brilliant and talented percussion instrumentalist, opened the concert with an adaptation of Bach's Ciaccona'from the violin to the marimba. In spite of being a percussion instrument, both the vibration of the marimba and the sensitive play of Eitan did emphasize the sad moments of the Ciaccona"

"A brilliant performance of "42nd Street", an American aggressive and minimalist creation reminded me strongly of the shocking "42nd Street", because I believe the musicians, who in their body language suggested complete identification with the American creation. The climax of the evening was the percussionists duo, who threw themselves totally into the composition, which usually is played by 4 percusisonists: "Marimba Spiritual" written by the Japanese composer, Minoru Miki. All the percussion instruments, oriental and western, with the telepathic combination between both percussionists, well planned cries and gong echoes.

16.4.1999 -"Ha'aretz" daily Newspaper- By Oranit Blanc:

"Ziv Eitan, the new elite. Contrary to those who are whining over the death of classical music you can find young artists who have found a way to revive it"

"Contrary to the artists who just watch the death of "classical" art, other creators, mainly the young ones, find new ways to lead the art into an contemporary creation. Those artists try to integrate the instruments of classical, elitist music into the popular art of the end of the previous century. An example of an integrative creation is the musical performance called "When Trance enters Bach", which will be performed on 6.5.99 during the Israel Festival. The composer of this work is percussion instrumentalist Ziv Eitan, who in one evening combines a creation by Bach with a marimba (a giant xylophone which looks like an organ) solo by Andrew Thomas and a musical piece with flute, tabella, cello and the voice of Dafne Armoni. The last part of the concert is a creation for a string quartet combined with computerized music and modern Trance, which usually can be heard in disco's played by DJ's.

"If art is limited, it uses its quality" explains Eitan.

"my performances are based on feelings and I do not believe there is any difference in the capacity of people to listen to music. I have performed for all kind of audiences and I discovered that they are all the same. I take all those who listen to my music with me to my dreamland, no matter if they are listening to Trance or to Bach".

"Eitan is a young creator, who had studied with the most prominent composers and who is living in an era, in which the classical creations for marimba have stopped bringing young intellectuals to the concert halls. " I perform for children and young people and I see, that the classical works for marimba solo's do not turn them on. Times, in which there is too much of everything, cause great confusion. I am trying not to limit myself to one concept and I believe that everybody is right. Therefore I learn from all people and seek to create one complete piece which integrates all these genres ".

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